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Correspondence among Jewish Community Committees

These are documents from the Baghdadi Jewish community. There is a letter from the British Military Governor for the allotment of lambs for the Jewish New Year 1918. Included are various correspondences: what students should bring to the Rabbinical College in Rhodes, Greece; verifications of birth certificates; letter and reply to the Jewish Lay Council from the Institute for the Blind to report its budget for 1934; letter from the Girls Sewing Charitable Society that lists its budget for 1934; letter from the head of Ozer Dalim Society to the President of the Jewish community regarding charity; 1933-1934 budget for Tomkhe Tora Society in Baghdad; letter from Chief Rabbi Benjamin Moshi; letter from the budget council of the Jewish Lay Council to all accountants in the Jewish community regarding decisions and instructions on budgets for 1934; letter from an accountant addressed to the head of the budget council regarding annual budget for 1934 - expenses, property tax, Jewish schools, wages for retired and needy people; spreadsheets containing expenses and revenues of the belongings of the Jewish community - hospitals, Morashi and education institutes; letter to a military figure asking for the release of six named war prisoners in 1919; letter from a legal codification department requesting deputy rabbi to look into a divorce subject to the rabbinical system in 1929; letters about a legal case of a woman claiming the right to collect her deceased husband's allowance, arguments stating she was divorced before he died; letter to the Lay Council concerning a house contract and a settlement; letter from the administration office of the Jewish community to a tenant regarding money for leasing a house; letter from the President of the Jewish community addressed to Iraqi government and Council of Ministers urging them to help distressed victims that were subjected to a catastrophic burglary and damage to their properties and shops, a total of 2731 families; letters to the Jewish Schools Committee regarding decreasing wages, transfers, retirements, sale of school belongings, requests interpretation of some amount to be reported, decrees and increases of allocated money; 1100 new students and their requirements from Jewish community funds; school debts and a copy of the annual budget; a teacher requests a teaching job in Almedrash School or any Jewish school in Baghdad appended by recommendation to the head of the Jewish Lay Council; request to make changes on class schedules and other educational arrangements. Correspondences from community members to the President of the Jewish Community regarding personal issues: help to finding relatives; dispute on a dowry issue; burials; a teacher requests a financial reward for 32 years of working in Midrash Talmud Torah, requests to continue to receive a retirement allowance of deceased husband; letter to Rabbi Sassoon Khedouri from a member of the Supreme Court requesting an additional salary for some extra work he does to help him financially; letter from workers requesting salary increases to the President of the Jewish Butchery; list of thirty names of needy and retired people whose allowances were decided upon by the Jewish Lay Council and approved by General Council. Also included are issues of the Iraqi Chronicle in 1973 on the nationalization of Exxon and Mobil Oil companies.

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Page(s) from this item were exhibited at "Discovery and Recovery: Preserving Iraqi Jewish Heritage" at the National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC, from October 2013 - January 2014, and at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York City, in Spring 2014.


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December 16, 2014
Tomkhe Tora Society; Baghdadi Jewish Community; Judeo-Arabic; Chief Rabbi; Jewish Religious Court; British Occupation; Birth Certificates; Annotation; Handwritten; Typed; Shamash Secondary School; Correspondence; Rahel Shamoon School; Iraqi Government; School Material; Masooda Saliman School; Lawrence Khedouri Primary School; Alliance School; Al-Rashid Club; Dowry; Marriage Certificates; Rivka Nouriel School; Albert David Sasson School; Midrash Talmud Torah; Teacher; Newspaper; Jewish Lay Council; Institute for the Blind; Ozer Dalim; President of the Jewish Community; Jewish Schools Committee; Hakham Sassoon Khedouri; Benjamin Moshi; Military; Ministry of Social Affairs; Accounting; Divorce; Tenant; Lease; Legal; Iraqi Gazette; Financial; Rosh Ha-Shanah; Letterhead; Ink Stamp; Charitable Sewing Society for Girls; Benjamin H. Moshi; Revenue Stamp; Envelope; Postage Stamp; Rhodes; Greece; Basrah; Menashy Saleh School; Appeals Court

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